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Refinancing Car Loans

Is the car you’re driving financed by a Bank or car finance company? If so, then chances are you are paying too much! In addition to the comprehensive finance options available, The Loan Panel also offer car refinance in Perth and throughout Australia.

Let the team at The Loan Panel review your current car loan to see whether we can save you money on interest and charges. With rates starting from 4.49% this is around half of what most companies charge, getting car refinance has never been easier.

With access to an extensive number of lenders, we can get the best interest rate and loan to suit your needs. Simply call 1300 22 13 12 or complete our online quote to get started.

Refinancing your car loan may reduce the time you take to pay off your car giving you the opportunity to put your money to better use. You may alternatively just want to pay less for each car loan repayment, freeing up your disposable income for other commitments.
Reduce the term of Your Loan with a Car Refinance in Perth

David financed his new car with the dealer and was charged over 12%. He wanted to know how he could pay off his car earlier. After speaking to The Loan Panel, David has now refinanced this facility with us and even though he had 4 years to run his facility will now pay this off in 3 years and 6 months.

“I’m stoked; I normally swap my cars every 3-4 years so this time I will hopefully not have to carry a shortfall on to my next purchase” D O’Rielly

Mrs Jeffery financed her car through her bank that she has been with for over 50 years, The Loan Panel had look at her situation and refinanced her loan at nearly half the rate knocking 4 months off her loan.

“Being a pensioner, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life paying off my car, thank you Maddii, I now plan to take my holiday earlier” P Jeffery

Reduce Your Repayments

Rachelle and Paul finally found their dream home but needed to borrow more from their Bank. They were told their current car loan repayment did not allow them to borrow the required amount. After talking with The Loan Panel their car loan repayment was nearly halved. Their home loan was subsequently approved and they are now looking to start a family.

“Thanks Nina, after the initial disappointment with my Bank, you helped make our dreams come true, look forward to showing you pictures once we have settled in” R & P Black

When Raj was told his wife was pregnant, he realised he was going to lose nearly $300 of household income each month. After looking at how he could reduce his costs he spoke to The Loan Panel about his car loan. After rewriting this facility over a longer term Raj reduced his loan repayments by nearly as much as the lost income.

“I thought I needed to downsize my car once Suri stopped working. The Loan Panel showed me how I could keep my car without having go smaller or older by reducing my repayments, Thanks to all in the office” R De Silva

Reduce the Total Amount Payable

Gino signed up in haste with his local car dealer as he could not wait to get behind the wheels of his first car. After 1 year of borrowing nearly $40,000 over 7 years at $815 per month, he approached The Loan Panel. The loan was refinanced over the remaining 6 year term and Gino saved over $7000 in interest.

“Next time I buy my car I will call you direct Josh, thanks for saving me so much money, cheers” G Papas

Fiona was originally happy to get her car loan as she had a small paid telephone default on her credit file. She made every fortnightly instalment on time for over 18 months with her Bank. As she had now a proven track record paying this loan The Loan Panel was able to refinance this loan at a much lower rate knocking $2,556 off the total repayments.

“Thanks Scott , I thought I would be tarnished for the rest of my life due to this small blemish. Now that I have a low rate I will definitely use this lender again” F Charles